Los Angeles is a destination for all types of people, from celebrities and sports stars to everyday people looking for a warm place to spend their vacation. At The Truth Hollywood, we love welcoming anyone and everyone who is looking for somewhere to relax with a good drink and a great atmosphere. At our rooftop bar and hookah lounge, you can find amazing cocktails, outstanding food, and an experience that you won’t soon forget.

No matter what brought you to LA, we hope that you’ll take the time to stop by our location. We’re open seven days a week, and we’d love to see you!

Visiting Friends and Family

You might be in the City of Angels to visit friends or family that you haven’t seen in a long time. You want to get out and experience all that LA has to offer, from the amazing shopping and diverse culture to the vibrant nightlife and outstanding dining. The person or people you’re staying with likely have some spots in mind for lunch, dinner, or drinks, and you can add us to that list.

After a day out in the sun, enjoying the California beaches or finding a new wardrobe on Rodeo Drive, you can stop by our bar and restaurant for a cold drink and a quick bite. Or you can come by later and see what we have going on once the sun has set.

In Town on Business

Thousands of people come to LA on business every year, whether they’re involved in movies, fashion, or finance. They come to work on the latest blockbuster at a major studio or to find that next trend that will change the fashion world forever. If you’re here for work, then you may have to take clients out for lunch or dinner, or at the very least, a drink.

Our rooftop bar offers a sophisticated atmosphere where you can talk shop or simply get to know the person across the table from you. If you’re meeting a new client or investor for the first time, then our spot on Sunset offers a great location that’s easy to get to. You can meet for a drink or dinner, and hopefully you’ll leave feeling good about what was accomplished for your business!

A Solo Trip

Perhaps you’re the type of person who takes a solo trip each year, and this year LA is your chosen destination. You like visiting cities you’ve never been to before and seeing everything they have to offer. With so many sights and landmarks in the area, you could spend a week here and not see everything.

When you’re done doing the tourist thing, come by our bar and relax with a cocktail and a made-to-order meal. If you enjoy hookah, then we can recommend some outstanding flavors. While hookah is often better when shared with friends, there’s nothing wrong with picking your favorite flavor and sitting down by yourself for an hour.

If you’re visiting LA to see friends and family, to meet with clients, or just to experience the city, then make sure you stop by The Truth Hollywood. Our rooftop bar is a great place to relax and unwind, no matter what you’ve been doing all day.

We hope to see you soon!